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Ever since 2008 Lake Geneva has become the hot spot for everything scooters in the Midwest. There is definitely something special about riding these little bikes around this beautiful area. We are very fortunate to have some of the best "scooter" roads around that the local riders enjoy every season. Here at Scoot Jockeys we have many maps of the area that are perfect scooter rides. The Rustic Road Route, the Burlington North Rustic Ride, the 10 Lake Tour Ride, the 3 Lake Tour Ride and of course everyone's favorite the Classic Lake Ride that circles Geneva Lake. Club Scoot Jockeys are the local scooter club here in town that currently has over 350 members and continues to grow every year. Scooter Night Lake Geneva is the club's bi-monthly meet up on Fridays during the summer months and they also host two Scooter Rallys every year called "Viva Lake Geneva" in the summer and "Skootoberfest" in the fall that bring people in from all over the Midwest.

The city of Lake Geneva even allows mopeds to park anywhere they want to. So when there is not a parking spot to be had, just simply turn your scooter off and walk it up onto the sidewalk. How cool is that! There are so many scooterists in this area now that the amount of scooter registrations per-capita is the highest in the country! The scooter scene here in the Geneva Lakes' area just never seems to slow down. It only increases in popularity. So if you live in the area, come visit Scoot Jockeys of Midwest Action Cycle and see why a scooter (or two) should be in your garage!

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