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 Scooter clubs have been around since the dawn of motor scooters. When Enrico Piaggio first introduced his beautiful Vespa scooter, clubs started popping up all over Europe. Vespa Club of Italia and Vespa Club of Britain are two of the originals and have been around forever. In the 50's Vespa Club of America was established and other U.S. scooter clubs started all over the country. Nowadays there are thousands of legit scooter clubs all over the world. Here in Wisconsin the clubs seem to go as the popularity of scooters go and over the last 6 or 7 years the old ones are back in full force and new ones are popping up everywhere. Joining a scooter club is different than a motorcycle club. Most clubs are all about having fun and meeting new people. In Club Scoot Jockeys it is the same way. We don't have any Presidents or member fees. We are just a casual group of people that enjoy riding together. If you respect every aspect of scootering like we do, and want to have fun riding and exploring like we do, than you are a Scoot Jockey! Here are few local clubs including our 3 Scoot Jockeys chapters. Maybe there is one near you!$LOGO$2D.jpg

Club Scoot Jockeys started back in 2008 with about 8 original members. It now has over 170 members in the Geneva Lake's area alone and ads new members almost every day. Club Scoot Jockeys host major scooter events every year including "MODS vs MODS" in the Spring, "Skootoberfest" in the Fall, and our 3 day scooter rally "Viva Lake Geneva" every summer. We were even fortunate enough to co-host Vespa Club of America's scooter rally "Amerivespa" right here in Lake Geneva. There were over 1000 scooters in town for that 4 day scooter festival! Club Scoot Jockeys also host "Scooter Night Lake Geneva" in the summer on every 1st and 3rd Friday night of the month. Check out the club website to join or to check out current events and meet ups. . All Scooterists are welcome!


Our 2 new Chapters in Milwaukee and Chicago. We now have members spanning from central Illinois to central Wisconsin and gives a total member count of over 460 and counting! Club Scoot Jockeys is all about having fun and all scooterists are welcome to join.             Check out the Chicago Chapter at and the Milwaukee Chapter at

  To be Continued . . .

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