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Welcome to the Scoot Jockeys "Official" Scooter Buyer's Guide!

Buying a scooter for the first time can be a little stressful and sometimes confusing but it shouldn't be. That's why we are here! At Scoot Jockeys, our expertise is listening to our customers and helping them make the correct decision of what scooter best fits their needs. And because we have 5 major brands to choose from, we can unbiasedly help you make that choice correctly without pushing you on just one brand.  This guide was designed to give you a little head start before you even set foot in our showroom. Before we get started there is one incredibly important point that has to be made.....


Fortunately most people looking for scooters these days are aware of this but there are a few that still have to be warned! These scooters are very tempting because of the lower sale price but once they break (and they usually do within the first couple months), no one works on them and getting parts is almost impossible. We call those "throw aways" in the scooter world. These companies come to us all the time and want us to sell their products but we don't want to! We would rather sell "real" scooters with warranties that are extremely reliable and you can always get parts for. There are about 8 legitimate scooter companies in the U.S. today including Vespa, Piaggio, Genuine Scooters, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kymco, and Aprilia. Beyond those brands you are taking a big chance. So take it from us and take a pass on the cheap Chinese off brand scooters!

But enough of the negative talk and let's get some positive vibes going! 

First of all, you have to decide whether or not you want to get a motorcycle license or not. In most states including Wisconsin, anything under 50cc is classified as a moped and does not require a motorcycle license to operate.  And any scooter that says it's a 50 is actually a 49cc so it qualifies. These scooters will usually go about 40mph and get the best gas mileage of all the scooters we sell. So let's start there.

All the scooters listed below are fully automatic so that means no clutching and no shifting!... How easy is that! 

If you are looking for faster 125cc+ scooters, scroll down a little...



The Genuine Scooter Buddy 50

Year in and year out our #1 selling scooter. It has a snappy 2 stroke engine that makes it one of our fastest 50's that we sell. 40+ mph, and 100+ mpg! This little retro beauty also comes with Genuine's 2 year factory warranty and roadside assistance so it's also one of the most reliable scooters that we sell. It comes in a bunch of colors and has a lot of customizable accessories. We have sold Genuine Scooters since 2003 and they've been our best sellers since then. Starting at only $1,999 helps too!  FAST / MOST POPULAR


The Honda Metropolitan 50

New for 2013, Honda has re-introduced their popular Metropolitan scooter. They are now fuel injected and sip gas at an unbelievable 117 mpg! It's not as fast as Genuine's Buddy but with it's super low seat height and smooth 4 stroke throttle, makes this a perfect choice for first time buyers that have never ridden before. Honda has also reduced the sale price and is now only $1,999.  GOOD FOR BEGINNERS

fl.jpgThe Piaggio Fly 50

Piaggio is the Grandfather of the scooter world. They have been making motor scooters since World War 2 and the Fly is one of their more modern scooters. It has some of the same features as their more popular Vespa scooters but about half the price. Heavy duty 12" wheels and bigger frame make this a good choice for a little larger rider and it's new 4 valve four stroke engine is powerful enough to hit 40+ mph speeds. Beautiful Italian designed modern scooter. GOOD FOR LARGER RIDERS


The Vespa LX 50 & Vespa S 50

When Enrico Piaggio first introduced his Vespa Scooter back in 1946 the world was officialy hooked! Beautifully built Italian scooters that are top of the line in every way. They are a little more expensive than the rest of the scooters we sell but once you see one in person, you'll see where your money is going. All metal bodies and heavy duty wheels also makes this a good choice for larger riders but they are small enough to fit almost anybody. The Vespa S is the same thing but with a different shaped headlight. Vespas are instant collectables. ALL METAL BODY / EXCELLENT RESALE VALUE

 A Few More Rugged 50's

rh.jpgThe Genuine Scooter Rough House 50

The Rough House has the same 2 stroke engine as the Buddy 50 but is a little heavier duty, a little taller, and a little faster. It is actually our fastest 50 that we sell topping out at over 45+ mph.  It's fat knobby tires and aggressive type suspension gives it some offroad tendencies. It also comes with Genuine's famous 2 year factory warranty and road side assistance. Because of all these features the Rough House has become our 2nd best selling scooter and it's only $1,999!    FASTEST 50 / HEAVY DUTY


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